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Our Mission

At Embro Dental  our mission is to enable each individual patient to obtain and maintain excellent oral health and function. At Embro Dental we are dedicated to treating each individual patient in a caring and compassionate manner, thus providing an ideal environment for the treatment of ones dental needs.

Personal Dental Treatment Plans

Embro Dental approaches each patient as an individual while setting up a personal oral treatment  plan that is specifically tailored to help the patient reach their individual goals. This dental treatment plan is multidimensional as it may integrate several areas of dental expertise. Embro Dental not only provides exceptional dental treatment but it also provides a comprehensive dental plan that will enable you to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Reach Your Optimum Level of Oral Health and Function

Embro Dental attempts to transition our patients, as much as possible, from strictly neglected or unfortunate dental situations to active care. Customized, patient-specific, home based oral hygiene protocols and other oral hygiene activities round out this multidimensional Oral Health care. By educating our patients about their own role regarding their personal oral hygiene we enable each individual patient to reach their optimal level of oral health and function.

Embro Dental provides an extensive range of dental treatments to our patients. All dental treatments utilized by Dr Embro will help you maintain your natural teeth for life and achieve the beautiful smile you have always desired.

With the consistent advancements in dental technology, Dr Embro is committed to staying at the leading edge of the dentistry arena. Dedicated to our patients’ needs we utilize the latest dental equipment and technology. Dr. Embro  is the dentist best suited for your oral situation. Dr Embro performs the following dental treatments:

Dr. Embro's aim is to create a healthy set of teeth for all our patients. We recommend routine dental check-ups on a six month basis. Within these check-up times Dr Embro  will perform a thorough examination. If you experience any discomfort imbetween these appointment times please make an appointment immediately! The sooner your dental condition is resolved the better.



Embro Dental
William J. Embro, DDS
4130 NW 37th Place-Suite E
Gainesville, Florida 32606

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Embro Dental or William J. Embro DDS is located in the beautiful city of Gainesville, Florida. Dr. Embro goal is to work with you to achieve the best oral health, the most beautiful smile, and the most favorable dental experience possible.

Now  Zoom!™ Latest advances in Tooth Whitening , offered at our Gainesville office is an extremely effective way to eliminate stains and discoloration on your teeth and brighten your smile in about one hour.  This advanced technology is safe, effective, permanent and clinically proven to enhance your smile and whiten your teeth.

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